April/May 1984

ELIJAH and The Lord of The Flies

Whenever a citizenry groans under the burden of an incompetent political leader, they always can take hope that someday there will be a change. In a democracy, that change can come at election time.

Deliverance at Last Part Seven

Reading chapters nine through eleven of the Book of Zechariah, one would begin to wonder. The Lord promised His King for Israel, who, when He came, she rejected. He provided for her a Shepherd, but she would not follow Him.

THE DAY OF THE LORD: Armageddon Part Seven

A number of months ago an estimated 100 million Americans watched ABCs special, “The Day After.” The nation saw Lawrence, Kansas atomized before their eyes. Young and old were impacted by the television special…

A Presentation of Dispensational Theology

In the last four issues of Israel My Glory, a clear, concise and historically accurate presentation of Covenant Theology was given. This article is the first in a series presenting the biblical basis for Dispensationalism as a preferred system of theology.

Joel of Jerusalem Apr/May 1984

There is a bad wind blowing around the Hebrew Christians in Israel these days. Many fanatical people have joined forces and have sworn to fight a holy war against those of us who have received the Lord as our Savior…