August/September 1987

The Beginning and Distinctiveness of The Church

In light of the fact that Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology disagree concerning when the Church began in history, the previous article examined four lines of evidence to the effect that the Church began on the Day of Pentecost of Acts 2.

How Happy Is The Birthday?

The year was 1787; the place, the city of Philadelphia; the purpose, men had gathered to amend the Articles of Confederation which were loosely holding the thirteen infant states together. But instead of Articles of Confederation…

Apostasy – A Falling Away

Apostasy is like a subtle viper that snares its victim and slowly squeezes the life out of it. For this reason, Jude reached back into the Old Testament and picked three lucid illustrations that would impact the Christian…


Often as we travel along the highways, we come to an unmarked fork in the road. We make a choice – one way is followed, the other left behind. A course is established that hopefully will lead to the final destination.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

If a poll were taken to determine which of Jacob’s twelve sons were the most famous, certainly either Joseph or Judah would be the favored one. Although more space is given in the Scriptures…

Joel of Jerusalem Aug/Sep 1987

Since my recent heart attack, I have been advised by my doctors to give up my employment as a carpenter and go on permanent disability. Of course, no one wants to become inactive, but I pray this will not be the case with me.