December/January 1982/1983


We have no desire to be trite, or petty or build mountains out of molehills, but we do desire to be true to the Word of God.


Jewish people are filled full with a zest for life. Candid and outgoing, they are often more recognizable by expression and gesture than by facial appearance. Rarely satisfied with being spectators…

The Trespass Offering Compensation in Christ

The trespass offering is the final Levitical sacrifice required of the Israelite. Although it is similar to the sin offering (Lev. 7:7), there are a number of differences. The sin offering deals with sin against God;

Joel of Jerusalem Dec/Jan 1982/1983

I was reminded recently of the shortness of physical life. But because our souls are eternal, we all must prepare for eternity. For our physical bodies, we can purchase insurance.