June/July 1984

God’s Unsurpassing Glory

To promise is one thing. To do what is promised is quite another thing. It would be wonderful if men could plan great things and accomplish them. But for most men, their word of promise exceeds their reality of accomplishment.

THE DAY OF THE LORD: The Millennium Part Eight

Towering some fifty-eight feet high is the beige limestone Wailing Wall. Standing at the wall is the stooped, five foot figure of an Orthodox Jew. Daily he comes to pray: head covered, shoulders draped in a tallith…

A Presentation of Dispensational Theology

The majority of Dispensational Theologians are convinced that the Scriptures reveal seven dispensations of God’s rule which cover the scope of history. Inasmuch as foundational matters related to Dispensational Theology were considered in the previous article…

When God Remembers Israel Part Eight

The Prophet Zechariah had been sent to the Jewish people who had returned from the Babylonian captivity. They had experienced few blessings and had known no victory for a long time.

Joel of Jerusalem Jun/Jul 1984

Here in this land, from which the Word of the Lord first came forth, it is especially important to preach the gospel of the Lord to those who are so deaf. They are not physically deaf…