14 Day Self-Quarantine for Israel Arrivals

The Israeli government decided last week that all people arriving in Israel will have to self-quarantine for 14 days due to the coronavirus. The decision affects about 200,000 people and will seriously hurt the Israeli economy. Shira Greenberg, Israel’s chief economist, believes it will cost the Jewish state 4.3 billion shekels, that’s nearly $1 billion monthly in lost product.

Shira Greenberg is right. This is going to greatly affect Israel’s economy, and it’s really going to affect the way that they allow people to come into the country. People spend money in Israel. Israel doesn’t have domestic flights. They have one from Tel Aviv down to Eilat, but all of the flights that come into Israel are international flights. These are people that are coming in and spending money.  Let’s hope that the anxiety of coronavirus will go down so that Israel and other nations can open their doors and their economies once again.

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