Current Authors

Jim Showers
Jim Showers is the executive director of The Friends of Israel.
Clarence Johnson
Clarence Johnson is the National Ministries Specialist for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
Mike Stallard
Mike Stallard is the director of International Ministries.
Steve Herzig
Steve Herzig is the director of North American Ministries.
David Levy
David M. Levy is the Director of Worldwide Ministry Development, Education, and Ministry Relations.
Tom Simcox
Tom Simcox is the Church Ministries Department training coordinator and a Bible teacher for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
Randall Price
Dr. Price is a university professor, author and coauthor of 30 books, and world-renowned archaeologist.
Chris Katulka
Chris Katulka is host of “The Friends of Israel Today” radio program, an outreach of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
Peter Colón
Peter Colón serves as creative resource coordinator for The Friends of Israel.
Richard Emmons
Dr. Emmons is the senior pastor of GraceWay Bible Church in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.