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Stories from the War—Asher Yuval

The day the war broke out, my unit of reservists had already been mobilized for three weeks. Those weeks came to be known as the “waiting period.” I was in Reserve Battalion 161 of the Jerusalem Brigade (Hativa) under Lt. Col. Asher Dreizin.

Stories from the War–Cecilia Stark

I was born in London and came to Israel in 1963. When I arrived in Jerusalem, the city had a small-town feel. There were around 165,000 people in western Jerusalem. There was one traffic light—at the intersection of King George, Strauss and Jaffa Streets.

Stories from the War—Naomi Paynton

I arrived on June 10, 1967, on a special El Al flight for war volunteers. It came from Paris, where I lived at the time. It was packed and quite frightening. We did not know what we were coming to. They did not give us the usual meal, but just a packet…

Stories from the War—Rosie Gordon Elkana

I immigrated to Israel from Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1964. By then, I was already a registered nurse, having trained at Manchester Jewish Hospital in England. Right away, I got a job at Hadassah Hospital Ein Karem.

Stories from the War—Uzi Eilam

The day the war broke out, along with my fellow paratroopers, I was at the Tel NofAirbase located not far from Rehovot. At age 34, I was the commander of a battalion of paratroopers, though I was not a full-time army man.

How Yad Vashem Helps Reunite Families

The flames of the Holocaust destroyed millions of Jewish families. When World War II ended, those who managed to survive had no idea who was living and who was dead…

Assault at Gethsemane

After eating His last supper, Jesus and His disciples crossed the Kidron Valley and came to a familiar garden of olive trees known as Gethsemane. Called in Hebrew Gat Shemanim

How Hadassah Hospital Changed Healthcare

Who would have thought a women’s study group in New York City in 1912 would change the course of Jewish women and healthcare in Israel for all time. Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist…

1 Peter 2:9–10

First Peter 2:9–10 proves to be one of the most difficult passages in the New Testament to interpret. Because 1 Peter 2:9–10 was written several years after…