January 12, 2018

Manhunt for Raziel Shevach’s murderer continues

Security forces continued their operations Wednesday (10th) through Thursday (11th) in the wake of the shooting attack Tuesday night (9th) in which Raziel Shevach was murdered.

The forces continued their roadblocks around Nablus and the surrounding villages,  Forces from the Shomron Brigades, assisted by special forces, performed a number of searches in order to locate the attackers, as well as gathering intelligence for the investigation.

Forces also continued to secure the roads in the region in order to guard the safety of local residents.



Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet with Trump in March

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to Washington in early March to attend AIPAC’s annual policy conference.

Israel and the United States are currently working on a date for a meeting between Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump while the Israeli prime minister is in Washington, an Israeli diplomatic official said Thursday (11th).

Netanyahu made reference to the upcoming meeting during a Thursday (11th) speech at the Globes Business Conference in Jerusalem, saying he will meet Trump in Washington in March, “if not before then.”  This would be the first meeting since September’s, which took place on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

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Rock-throwing teens killed in violent clashes with IDF

Two Palestinian teens were killed in clashes with the IDF on Thursday (11th).

In unrest along the Gaza border fence with Israel, two dozen people approached the fence, setting fires and throwing rocks.

The Israeli military said “violent riots” took place at the fence and after firing warning shots into the air, troops opened fire at three protesters who “posed a threat” to the security fence and to soldiers, hitting the teens.



Israel honors its Fallen with an architectural memorial

The recently opened National Memorial Hall for Israel’s Fallen next to the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem has been included on a list of finalists for the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects’ 2018 international prize.  A curved, 820-foot wall contains thousands of bricks with the names and dates of deaths of the more than 23,000 fallen men and women from Israel’s security services killed in the line of duty.  A small light bulb juxtaposed to each engraved brick enables it to be lit on the date of the person’s death, as per the Jewish tradition to light a candle.  It is the first time Israel has commemorated the memory of all its fallen service people in one site, said Yair Ben Shalom, director of the site for the Defense Ministry.

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PA cabinet chief: ‘We will not give up Jerusalem’

Palestinian Authority cabinet chief Rami Hamdallah has rejected any possibility of political flexibility on the essential issues of settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Meeting Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra in Ramallah, Hamdallah said that the city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the return of Arabs who left when the modern State of Israel was founded were “red lines” and that the PA would not agree to concessions.



Israeli committee approves 1,122 new housing units

An Israeli planning committee approved over 1,000 new West Bank housing units.

The Civil Administration, the military body that enforces Israeli policy on citizens in the West Bank, on Wednesday (10th) approved the 1,122 new housing units in 20 settlements and outposts, according to Peace Now.  On Wednesday (10th) tenders for 651 housing units were published.

The tenders were for housing in Emanuel, Ariel, Adam, Maale Adumim and Betar Illit.



Iran arrests dozens for ‘terrorist’ acts linked to protests

Iran says it has arrested dozens on suspicion of “terrorist activities” during a recent wave of protests.

The official IRNA news agency on Wednesday (10th) carried a statement from the Intelligence Ministry saying security forces confiscated arms and explosives from “safe houses” kept by people arrested during the protest that swept the country in late December.

Some 3,700 protesters were arrested in the riots, which Iran blames on the West.



Iran spends $16 billion annually to support terrorists and rogue regimes – David Adesnik

Iran spends more than $16 billion per year supporting foreign “resistance” organizations and clients.  Supporting the Assad regime in Syria is estimated to cost $15 billion per year, including the costs of deploying thousands of Revolutionary Guards and 20,000 Shiite militiamen.  Bankrolling Iraqi security forces, including pro-Iranian militias, may have cost $1 billion per year.  Support for Lebanese Hizbullah is believed to be $800 million, while Iran spends a combined $100 million per year supporting Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza.



No Jews, no 9/11, says leading U.S. neo-Nazi – Ran Boker

The 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center would never have occurred had it not been for Jews, according to one of the leading figures of a United States’ neo-Nazi movement.

As the U.S. experiences a spike in anti-Semitic incidents, Israeli journalist and former politician Nitzan Horowitz paid a visit to the country where he conducted an interview with Matthew Heimbach, who advocates a vehemently anti-Semitic agenda.

Leader of The Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), Heimbach told Horowitz that Jews are responsible for just about all of America’s ills and shortcomings.  

Jews, who he and his cronies say “should go home to Israel” and are not American, can be blamed for “working to enslave and displace all of our peoples” through their alleged domination of Wall Street – they are “hostile to American communities and families and are responsible for the U.S.’ trillion dollar financial deficit.



Vienna police charge 3 for waving Israeli flag and offending Palestinians at rally – Benjamin Weinthal

Vienna police are pursuing criminal charges against three pro-Israel activists for waving an Israeli flag in protest of anti-Semitic slogans at an anti-Israel rally near the U.S. Embassy on December 8.  The police are seeking a 100-euro fine or two days in jail for the activists.  The charge sheet dated January 3 states that the activists “showed an Israeli flag at a rally in an extremely provocative way and manner that was visible for participants at the rally and thereby produced considerable offense and provocation among the Palestinian protesters.”  

However, the protesters were permitted to wave the Palestinian and Turkish flags.