A Continuing Danger

The Jewish people have lived with threats to their existence since their sojourn and subsequent deliverance from Egypt. They have seen their temple, their beloved center of worship, twice destroyed; first by the Babylonians and later by the Romans.

Following these events came the Crusaders, Turks, and in more recent times the demented Nazi scheme to annihilate world Jewry in the Holocaust.

Now, Israel has dual threats to their existence from the north in Lebanon, and within Israel on the Gaza Strip, Hamas, each with massive rocket arsenals, aimed at destroying Israel. “Our newest self-professed destroyer waiting in the wings stems from within the nation of Iran.”

Additionally, in the United States there resides a growing anti-Israel sentiment. From college campuses “an anti-Israel malady has been also brewing as it targets pro Israel students, faculty, and speakers brought to educate anybody willing to discuss Israeli truths.”

Portnoy’s summary sounds this warning: “History will not be favorable to our current political leaders unless they promptly correct the strong perception that they abandoned Israel and Jews in deference to a demanding population that in a matter of time may likely turn against the United States.” As persistent and loud as the threats seem, God reminds all Israel haters, “When the enemy comes in like the flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against Him” (Isaiah 59:19).

Beware Israel haters: God is watching over His people and His land.

(Source: Bruce Portnoy; The Jerusalem Post)