A Coup, A Concern

On Monday, Sudan’s military declared a ‘State of Emergency’ as they took control of the government, arresting the interim Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and many of the country’s other civilian leaders. General Abdel El-Burhan said, “a new government of technocrats would be put in place to take over the political transitions until elections in 2023.” The arrests came after “weeks of tensions between Sudan’s civilian and military leaders.”

The concern comes in how the coup impacts the accord Sudan made as part of the Abraham Accords in the summer of 2020. Israel’s Kan public broadcaster quoted a senior diplomatic official “as saying that the country’s apparent military coup is not expected to dramatically effect plans to normalize ties with Israel. One reason being the military supported the action, “and have strengthened their position.”

This situation warrants watching in the coming days, especially with calls for strikes and civil disobedience by the Sudanese Communist Party.

(Source: Times of Israel, CBS News)