A Creative Solution

The saying “Necessity is the mother of invention,” summarizes this invention by Nino Ransenberg, “a businessman who travels incessantly and suffers from polio.” He wanted a better solution than the traditional cart for people with mobility issues like himself. He came up with his portable, foldable scooter because “he was unwilling to compromise with existing solutions and needed something that would serve him on his busy schedule which includes meetings and international flights.” So, he formed a company, MovingLife, that has four dynamic models under the name ATTO that will enhance the well being of people with mobility issues.

The company asserts that “ATTO is always ready to roll-the independence to go anywhere you like. With four different models there’s an ATTO for anyone!”

MovingLife demonstrates the Israeli nickname of Startup Nation. It is an Israeli start up, with an Israeli design, and international success.” What a great start to a New Year with Israel benefiting the world (Genesis 12:3). Happy New Year, Everyone!