A Deadlier Virus

The phrase, “haters going to hate,” can summarize the rising animosity of Jewish people globally due to the Coronavirus. Israeli researchers and Jewish groups found rising anti-Semitic acts due to global instability “including among people who blame the COVID-19 pandemic on a Jewish conspiracy.” The ingredients for an outbreak of anti-Semitism remain: a nation or people with a history of anti-Semitism, a declining economy, and a weak, corrupt government make conditions ripe for an outburst of anti-Semitism. Israel Katz, Israel’s foreign minister, explains: “Anti-Semitism, which was already on the rise before the crisis, has gotten another boost from the coronavirus. And it is threatening Jewish communities that are already being shaken by the viruses blows, both medically and economically. We cannot allow this phenomenon to become allowed legitimized by repetition. We need to join hands with Diaspora Jewish communities along with various Jewish organizations to uproot this scourge wherever it shows its head. The eternal and decisive answer to anti-Semitism has been Israel, and it will stay that way.”

The usual suspects accusing Jews in the coronavirus comes from “right wing European politicians, ultra conservative American pastors, anti-Zionist intellectuals, and Iranian state authorities.” These sources blame Jews for the spread of the virus, for the economic impact, and asserting that Jews are somehow profiting from this pandemic. This is a continuation of “an ancient form of anti-Semitism that involves blaming Jews whenever anything goes wrong.” Yet, Israel has had 15,000 cases of Coronavirus, over 200 deaths, and celebrated Passover, and now key memorial events of Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day in lockdown.

But the key to defeating anti-Semitism remains the vigilance and responsiveness of people confronting the evil of anti-Semitism when it occurs. The Danish government in World War 2 is proof of that, as the king said to the Nazis, “We have no Jews in Denmark, only Danes.” They also ferried Jews out of Denmark to safety. When you see something, do not just say something. Do something, the right thing!

(Source: The Times of Israel)