A Helping Hand

Israel’s rescue teams have made news with their ability to quickly come to a nation’s aid when disaster strikes. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Israel is responding with humanitarian aid and a medical team heading to Moldova to assist Ukrainian refugees. Prime Minister Bennett committed 100 tons of humanitarian aid resources to Ukraine, which has a Jewish population of 400,000. As Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai said, “It’s become clear both immediate and ongoing support are needed.”

The medical team has 15 volunteers who will assist refugees in Moldova and soon be joined by 30 more. In addition to medical and humanitarian equipment, Sarit Lerner, Sheba Medical Center Director For Sheba and Beyond explains that “the mission will showcase additional innovative technologies to treat patients both in person and virtually. Concerning her voluntary efforts she says, “I have no fear. I see the trip as a real mission and part of our commitment to apply the information and capabilities we have to providing humanitarian assistance anywhere in the world that needs it.”

This first of its kind mission could not come at a better time. May they know God’s protection and help in their endeavor. Pray for God to bring peace to the region (Psalm 46:8-9).

(Source: JNS; IsraelNationalNews)