A Look Back and Ahead

This has been quite a year for the world and Israel. Israel has had two lockdowns, with a possible third lockdown looming, due to over 400,000 cases of COVID-19, leaving over 3,200 Israelis dead. The good news is that the vaccine has come to Israel, and nearly 500,000 have received it. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein assures that rumors of a shortage of the vaccine are unfounded. “ I hear all over the place rumors about a grave shortage in the vaccines. There is no shortage, and there will be no shortage.”

On the political side four agreements with Bahrain, UAE, Sudan, and most recently Morocco have given hope for peace in the region. These agreements are unprecedented! But they give hope for the future.

James says that we do not know what a day will be bring forth (James 4:13-14), let alone a year. But God is a very present help now and in the coming year. So looking back, thank Him. Looking ahead, trust Him.

Happy New Year, 2021.