A Mother’s Courage Times Three!

“My stomach churns with worry and excitement. My concern triples,” says 41 year old Tehila Zada, as she embraces her three children. Tehila’s three children, daughter’s Kesem and May and son, Liel, are triplets. They begin their mandatory military service stationed with the border police, the first triplets to serve in the border police. Kesem was born first, then May about 15 seconds later, then after 40 seconds Liel was born. “We’ve never been separated and they weren’t about to let their mandatory service change that. The Border Police stated that for the fourth year in a row recruits had them high on their list to join. But very few achieved their aim. According to the Israel Police only one in 16 recruits desiring to serve achieve their desire.

Tehila has reason for both great pride and great concern. Welcome to an Israeli parent’s life, only for Tehila she has three children to hold her heart’s affections and fears.

(Source: International Fellowship of Christians and Jews/YNet News; Meir Turgeman)