A New Lease on Life

An unnamed Palestinian man recently received residency to work and live in Israel after receiving death threats in his hometown near the city of Hebron. The Palestinian man was threatened by some of his own people for saving the lives of Jewish children in the aftermath of a deadly terror attack. Israel’s interior minister, Aryeh Deri, praised the Palestinian man for his selfless, noble actions and said he can now begin a new life in Israel.

This Palestinian man saved Jewish children during a terror attack. Israel offered him temporary residency to help him during this time of need. And then eventually his temporary residency ran out and Israelis spoke up. It was on the news, Israeli news. It was all over the place in Israel, and they actually encouraged the government to give this Palestinian man permanent residency. To me, that’s the heart of the Israeli people right there. This is really what it’s all about. And oftentimes Israel is called an apartheid country that’s racist, enacts racist policies against Arab Muslims and Christians and other minorities. But here’s the case of a Palestinian man who was run off by his own people for helping a Jewish family and it was Israel who welcomed him in and offered him a new lease on life. Israel is not the bigoted country most would have you believe. It’s actually a country that reaches out even to the people who hate them the most.

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