A New Threat from the North

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been working tirelessly to protect its citizens from rocket strikes from the Gaza Strip for several weeks. Now it looks like they have a new enemy to worry about. 

For the first time since this recent wave of attacks perpetrated against Israel, Lebanon has thrown its hat into the ring. On Monday Lebanon fired six rockets toward Israel, setting off sirens in Israel’s Upper Galilee region, though all six fell in Lebanese territory without ever reaching Israel. Today Lebanon continued its assault, firing four rockets toward the Southern Galilee region. The IDF intercepted one rocket, while one landed in an open area and the other two fell in the sea. Israel returned fire at the source of the rocket launches. Though the terrorist organization Hezbollah is often the source of terrorist attacks in Israel from Lebanon, the IDF attributed these attacks to Palestinian groups north of Dov.

This spells trouble. Hezbollah and Hamas hate Israel and will use just about any excuse to attack them—that’s a given. But to have different groups opening fire on Israel from the north is bound to make the nation feel surrounded. As Hamas attacks from the Gaza Strip in the south and these Palestinian groups attack from Lebanon in the north, Israel finds itself in a tight spot. It’s a good thing it has one of the most impressive military forces in the world defending its people. But more importantly, it’s an incredibly assuring feeling knowing the Almighty God is watching over His people, and He will always sustain them no matter how deadly their enemies are.