A Place of Rest

Israel received the ranking as the number 1 safest country in the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Elimelech family may disagree with that assessment, however, as they wait out the crisis in the Maldives- at government expense.

Nissan Elimelech, his wife and their three children escaped Israel to avoid the menace of the coronavirus. “I told my family that we were not going on a vacation, but an adventure. We didn’t know what would happen.” It has been that, complete with canceled flights and a resort stay that can only be described as ‘paradise.’ “There are daily activities, with parties every evening. It’s a small island, as it only takes 20 minutes to walk around.”

The Maldives has been coronavirus free for a while, as the island nation has put up 150 foreign guests until they can return home. “When we came, we were told that we were coming as guests for an unlimited amount of time-maybe a month, two months, six months, a year.” The government has told their guests, “We know how to treat our guests as kings.”

Nissan Elimelech is a CEO of a medical equipment firm, working daily by electronic means. Meanwhile, they await the time to return home.

“My friends are jealous, my mother in Israel says it’s out of this world and that Israel feels like Coronaland as I send photos home. This is definitely the safest place to be.”

The Elimelechs have a reservation to fly home to Israel on May 1. But until then, they wait.

(Source: Times of Israel)