A Troubling Incident

27 year old Muad Hib has been charged with murdering his mother and hiding her corpse near the Jordan River in northern Israel. His 46 year old mother, Rasha Muklasha, had left her home, her husband, and cut off all ties with her five children and went to Nof HaGalil where she converted to Christianity. She recently made contact with her children following the death of her ex-husband.

Muad contacted her, arranging a time to meet on August 5. Angered by her conversion to Christianity, it appears he “intended to murder her and dispose of her remains.” After murdering her, whether alone or with others, as two of his brothers were arrested separately, he went to dispose of her body.

After ramming a police road block, he went toward the Jordan River, where he dug a pit, covering it with rocks and leaves. He later rammed a second road block, after which he was arrested. Rasha’s remains were discovered 26 hours later after an extensive search, which Northern District chief Shimon Lavi said involved a rapid and extensive operation. “According to the indictment the murder was pre-meditated as Hib, greatly angered by his mother’s conversion, set up the meeting with his mother with the intention of killing her and disposing of her remains.”

Since the beginning of 2021 violent crime has risen in Arab communities with 78 Arabs having been murdered, with 13 of those being women. Accusations that not enough is being done to address this violence, Prime Minister Bennett has met with senior officials and leaders “to formulate a national plan to tackle the issue.”

(Source: Times of Israel)