A True Olive Branch

One week after two powerful earthquakes devastated portions of Turkey and Syria, the numbers tell a grim story. The confirmed dead stands at over 36,000, with over 80,000 injured, and over 12,000 buildings destroyed.

Named “Operation Olive Branch” from the IDF, a team of 150 went to Turkey to assist in search and rescue, along with administering medical aid to the injured. Beginning work upon their arrival on Tuesday, the teams from Israel began their work, and have rescued 19 trapped individuals, while treating over 300 injured in their field hospital. Over ten tons of supplies have also been delivered by Israel.

This earthquake has been described as the deadliest since 1939. While saddened by the overwhelming deaths, injured, and destruction, Israel and the over 8,000 international teams have shown a light of hope.

Pray for the people of Turkey and Syria as they rebuild their lives and cities.

(Source: israel21c.org)