Abbas: ‘America Is Occupying Palestine”

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas claimed “America is occupying Palestine” while challenging Israel’s independence on Tuesday. 

“When Israel says that it is celebrating its independence day, it has gained independence from whom?” Abbas asked. “Who was occupying the State of Israel so that it celebrates the anniversary of its freedom from this occupation? This is a big lie.”

Abbas also accused Israel of racism and sexism in his rant at a conference in Ramallah. 

Abbas’s comments don’t come off as calculated as he might like them to be. By needlessly hurling accusations at the United States in addition to his typical vitriol for Israel, Abbas doubled down on his demonization of the leading voices for democracy in the West and the Middle East. Other nations should be able to see through his lies easily and recognize that the real oppressor of Palestinians is Abbas himself and the rest of the Palestinian Authority’s corrupt leadership.