Following the cease-fire concluding eleven days of Israel’s Operation Wall Guardian campaign, here are some effects of the conflict in Israel.

With over 4,300 rockets launched into Israel, 13 deaths occurred. The thirteenth was a 73 year old mother who suffered a head injury when she fell inside a shelter. She succumbed to her injury about two days later.

Israeli businesses declared losses of $369 million dollars during the eleven day campaign. “Most of the damage was caused by decreased output because people could not get to work.”

Internationally there were rallies for Israel in cities around the world, but also significantly increased numbers of anti-Semitic incidents as well.

Finally, Hamas has said that more attacks will occur in the future, one after the other. “Even as fighting has ended, Hamas promises another war soon, and another, and another.”

This is the partner for peace many world leaders want Israel to negotiate with. How do you gain peace from a partner who threatens ongoing war?

(Source: The Times of Israel)