An Act of Decency

Lebanese-Swiss businessman Abdallah Chatila heard of a surprising development: Several personal effects of Adolph Hitler’s were coming up for auction in Munich. Initially thinking be would buy the items and then burn them to prevent them “from falling into the wrong hands”, he notes that “we live in a time where views are becoming too extreme in all directions. Under these circumstances, dangerous anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are growing and these items would serve them.”

He waited for twenty-four hours and decided on a better plan: buy the items and donate them to the Jewish people. He bought the items, including a top hat with Hitler’s initials, for €550,000 ($645,000 USD). He explains how the purchase developed: “Everything happened quickly. I donated the items to Keren Hayesod and they will decide if they are turned over to Yad Vashem or any other body.” Keren Hayesod released their statement about Chatila’s donation, “ We will handle these items with reverence and when they come to us we will consult with all of the relevant bodies to make the best possible decision what to do with them.”

Abdallah Chatila is one of the 300 most wealthy individuals in Switzerland. In this action he made a thoughtful decision to allow the Jewish people to determine the outcome of Hitler’s personal effects. His was an incredible act of decency. I agree with Rabbi Margolin, Chairman of the European Jewish Association, “His deed was an act of noble degree.” May God bless him for his sincere act of love (Genesis 12:3).

(Source: Israel Hayom)