Annexation of the West Bank

Now that a unity government is formed in Israel with Netanyahu at the helm for another 18 months, the prime minister is advancing his desire to annex large portions of the West Bank unilaterally without an agreement with the Palestinians. The Trump administration has indicated it supports the unilateral decision of the Israeli government since the Palestinians have refused to enter into peace following the White House roll out of the Prosperity to Peace Vision for Israelis and Palestinians.

Although it seems that the Trump administration is giving the green light for the Netanyahu government to move forward with the annexation of large areas of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, it doesn’t come without criticism. Currently, there are many European Union countries that are begging Netanyahu not to do this, but I personally take a different perspective than what the European Union is showing. I believe that the West Bank is Israeli land.

It’s not “occupied territory,” as many like to call it. It’s disputed land, and international law favors Israel’s right to annex it. I also believe biblically that the West Bank is the heart of the land for the Jewish people. God said to Abraham in Genesis 13, “to you, I give this land.” Where was Abraham standing when God said that to him? He was standing in what is now the West Bank when he received that word from the Lord. God gave the land, all of it, to the Jewish people. 

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