April 9, 2018

At least 40 dead in Syrian gas attack

Syrian activists, rescuers and medics said Sunday (8th) that a poison gas attack on a rebel-held town near the capital has killed at least 40 people, allegations denied by the Syrian government.

The attack in the town of Douma occurred late Saturday (7th) amid a resumed offensive by forces loyal to the Assad government.

Opposition-linked first responders, reported the attack, saying entire families were found suffocated in their homes and shelters, saying the victims showed signs of gas poisoning including pupil dilation and foaming at the mouth.



Top Israeli minister calls for international forces to stop ‘genocide’ in Syria

Israeli officials on Sunday (8th) called on the international community to intervene in Syria, where rebel forces said the Assad regime killed dozens in a chemical attack in Douma in a series of air strikes over the weekend.

Speaking to Army Radio, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, a member of the security cabinet, urged US and international military action.

“This is a shocking thing that we all need to condemn.” Erdan said.  “I hope the American and international presence there will intensify, otherwise the genocide will only expand.”

(gglz.net; timesofisrael.com)


U.S. says chemical attack in Syria ‘horrifying,’ calls for response

WASHINGTON – The US State Department said on Saturday (7th) reports of mass casualties from a chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, were “horrifying” and would demand an international response if confirmed.

“These reports, if confirmed, are horrifying and demand an immediate response by the international community,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.

Citing a history of chemical weapons used by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Nauert said Assad’s government and its backer Russia needed to be held accountable and “”any further attacks prevented immediately.”   

“Russia, with its unwavering support for the regime ultimately bears responsibility for these brutal attacks,” Nauert said.

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Nazi flags are waving in Gaza, prime minister says in wake of deadly border riots

Nearly 20,000 Palestinian rioters burned tires and threw rocks at Israeli forces at the border between Gaza and Israel on Friday (6th), with a number of protesters attempting to infiltrate Israeli territory under the cover of mass border demonstrations, taking place for the second consecutive week.

Although IDF officials say the event was an overall success from the army’s perspective, the main clash still lies ahead.  Another riot is planned for this coming weekend under the banner “Firebomb Friday.”

A Palestinian flag bearing a swastika symbol was spotted just across the border, and videos and photos of the flag were posted online.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Saturday (7th), “The IDF is protecting us against the imposters – they wave a Nazi flag in Gaza and in the same breath talk about human rights.”



Report: Palestinian ‘journalist’ killed in Gaza was flying drone over IDF soldiers

If you want to stay alive during a tense armed confrontation, it’s probably best to not launch a drone over the heads of the guys holding the biggest guns.

Apparently, that lesson was lost on Yasser Murtaja, the Palestinian Arab shot and killed during clashes along the Gaza security fence on Friday (6th).

While he didn’t work for any recognized news agency, Hamas claims that Murtaja was a “journalist.”

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, “I don’t know who is or isn’t a press photographer, but anyone who operates a drone above IDF soldiers, needs to understand he’s putting himself in danger.”



Palestinians say UN no longer credible because it lets America veto stuff

The United Nations has lost all credibility.  Not because it puts repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran on the councils responsible for human and women’s rights.

No, the UN has lost all credibility because it allows America to prevent the Palestinians from wasting the world’s time with pointless and unsubstantiated condemnations of Israel.

On Saturday (7th), the Palestinian leadership demanded that the United Nations revoke America’s right to veto Security Council resolutions and statements.

A day earlier, the US had blocked a Security Council draft condemning Israel for the Palestinian deaths that occurred during the violent mass demonstrations along the Gaza border fence.



Palestinian official: Israel bans Gaza tire imports

Groups of Palestinians in Gaza lit hundreds of tires on fire last Friday (6th) during the second weekend of a six-week-long planned protest in the border region between Israel and the coastal enclave.

The protesters lit the fires in order to blur the vision of soldiers in the region and attempt to prevent them from opening fire, according to a Gaza-based source.

“We have been informed by the Israeli side that imports of tires have been halted until further notice,” Muhammad Hamdan, a spokesman for the PA Transportation Ministry told Israeli media.



Report: Egypt, Saudi Arabia urge Hamas to end ‘March of Return’ protests

Both Saudi Arabia and Egypt have called on militant organization Hamas to end the weekly protests it is holding for the “March of Return,” according to an Egyptian source.

“The situation in the Gaza Strip is nearing an explosion toward anyone blockading it,” the source said, “and therefore there is fear that Palestinian anger will turn towards Egypt in the coming weeks.”

The source also added that Saudi and Egyptian officials had opened contacts with Hamas leaders to urge calm in Gaza.



West Bank’s apathy amid Gaza chaos shows Palestinians becoming a divided people

For the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Friday (6th) was another difficult day.

For the Palestinians in the West Bank, Friday (6th) was another ordinary day – a day for weddings, family gatherings, and for some, dining at a fancy restaurant in Ramallah or Nablus.

Gone are the days when the deaths of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip (by Israel) would prompt Palestinians in the West Bank to declare a general strike or take to the streets to protest against Israel.

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Palestinian shot in attempted stabbing attack near Maale Adumim

A Palestinian was shot and wounded on Sunday (8th) as he attempted to stab and Israeli couple at a gas station near Mishor Adumim, an industrial park near the city of Maale Adumim in Judea.

The terrorist approached a couple, a man and a woman, with a screwdriver in his hand and attacked them.  An Israeli citizen drew his weapon and shot and neutralized the terrorist.

The terrorist was taken to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem for treatment.