No Place Like Home

A bump on the head and a trip to Oz was all it took for Dorothy to realize there’s no place like home. Dorothy is the main character in L. Frank Baum’s children’s book…

Jewish World Update Jan/Feb 2021

Israel’s failing El Al Airlines, suffering under $2 billion in debt, has been purchased by 27-year-old, New York-born Eli Rozenberg…

Inside View Jul/Aug 2018

I recently had the privilege of spending several days in Israel with new Jewish arrivals to the land. They varied in age from teens to older adults, but the same theme defined their testimonies. They had an innate desire to return to the land…

The Man Who Brought Hebrew Back to the Land

For its first issue of the year 2000, The Jerusalem Report, a prominent international Jewish magazine, published the results of a poll in which it asked its readers to choose the one hundred greatest Jews…

Level Heads, Warm Hearts

A considerable amount of heat has been generated in the Christian community by the refusal of—Israel’s high court to overturn a lower court ruling that refused citizenship under the Law of Return to three Jewish…

Jewish Believers Test the Law of Return

On February 21, 1993, three Jewish families in Israel were ordered out of what they had hoped would be their adopted country. Gary and Shirley Beresford came to Israel from their native Zimbabwe in 1987…

Israel in the News Dec/Jan 1991/1992

More than half the Soviet people want all Jews to leave the country, according to a poll released … at the international conference on antisemitism held in the Soviet Union.

Operation Solomon

Many questions have been asked recently about the Jewish people in Ethiopia and their immigration to Israel. These Ethiopian Jews are sometimes referred to as the Falashas. Who are they? How did they become Jewish?

Israel in the News Aug/Sep 1991

Aircraft from Ethiopian Airlines, El Al and the Israeli Charter Co. began lifting off from Addis Ababa Airport about 1:30 p.m. yesterday for the 1/2-hour flight to Tel Aviv.

Israel in the News Jun/Jul 1991

Israel’s first group of exchange students to the People’s Republic of China has gotten a close-up look at Chinese rural life. The first Israelis … have just finished their first semester at an out-of-the-way teacher’s…

Israel: Changing Faces

The face of our world is changing at an incredible rate. Armies moved through the Middle East packing a military punch never before witnessed on the face of the planet.

The Israeli Response to the Russian Immigration

In the last year, 200,000 new immigrants came to Israel, most of them from the Soviet Union. In one week during December 1990, 12,000 new immigrants arrived, more than in all of 1988!

Israel in the News Feb/Mar 1991

Following a foiled attempt to infiltrate Israel by three Jordanian police officers and one civilian, Israel is looking closely at the stability of King Hussein’s regime in Jordan. Israeli military leaders have continually expressed concern…