Attacks on Jewish Women Continue in London

A pregnant, 20-year-old Jewish woman was violently attacked in Stamford Hill, a largely Jewish Hasidic community in London, last Thursday. Police have initiated a manhunt for the suspect, though they have not yet been able to establish a motive or make any arrests. A video posted to Twitter shows a man sneaking up behind the woman, covering her face with a hood, and punching her repeatedly against a wall before running away. The woman, who is 27 weeks pregnant, was “rushed to the hospital with injuries,” according to Israel Hayom. This disturbing attack follows a pattern in Stamford Hill, marking at least the fifth assault on Jewish women in the area in the past month.

This news is shocking, to say the least. The video shows what is probably most people’s nightmare: walking down an alley followed by a man with the senseless intention of beating you. It’s an alarming trend that five such attacks have taken place in the area in such a short time. Jewish women should not have to fear walking the streets with a target on their backs simply because they are Jewish. God’s protection over these women is our most crucial prayer request in response to these horrible attacks.