Douglas Bookman

Blessings of the New Covenant

Believers who live on this side of the Messiah’s empty tomb, the Day of Pentecost, and the book of Hebrews ought to learn to wallow more carefully in the New Covenant.

Baptism and Indwelling

New Covenant believers must be careful not to look with disdain on what God did with His people in ages past. In fact, Yahweh proved Himself blindingly gracious under the Old Covenant…

The Great Enabler

Throughout the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is seen acting dramatically in the lives of people to enable those individuals to do that which, left to themselves, they could not do.

Ezra and the Restoration Period

When Ezra the scribe returned to Jerusalem from Babylon, he led a mar- velous revival. So why does he seem underappreciated? Read on!

Daniel’s 70 Weeks

If you adhere to the literalist-premillennialist interpretation of Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (Dan. 9:24–27), here is what you believe: The 70th “week” (seven-year period, also known as the Tribulation) still remains…

The New Heavens and New Earth

What a joy it will be to step from this life into the glorious future that awaits all true believers. But don’t think it will be all play and no work.


Joshua called Yahweh “Lord of all the earth.” The word Lord in Hebrew is Adonai. And it speaks of the absolute lordship of the God of the universe.

The Final Cleansing Zechariah 13

Repentance and an end to sin, idolatry, and false prophets all await Israel in the spectacular final days before the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom.

Jesus Is Better Than…

Few people like change. But imagine what it would have been like if you had been told to forget the Old Covenant and cling to something new.

The Origin and Fall of Satan

Lucifer, “the anointed cherub that covereth,” became the evil “god of this age”—the enemy of Jehovah. Learn what happened and why?


God chose him, equipped him, and established him as king. But it wasn’t long before things went wrong. Learn what happened and why.

The Genealogies of Jesus

Examine the intricacies of the genealogies of Jesus and the precision of God in bringing His Messiah into the world.

The Church in the New Millennium

The apostle Paul evidenced surprise when the first generation of Christians began to pass away. Today the second millennium of church history is about to give way to a third. Well might witnessing saints in glory be whispering…

The Zion Connection: The Biblical Mandate

When God called Abram to leave Ur of the Chaldees, He was demanding that he strip himself of his identity. Abram was to leave all that made him who he was—his family, his possessions, and the land that he had known as…

Love Without Partiality James 2:1–13

It is all too common today to hear Christians disparage doctrine or theology as entirely theoretical, productive only of pride and division, and therefore almost entirely irrelevant to the real issues of life. The cry is for greater emphasis on…