Be Prepared

Hello Friends and welcome to 2022. Currently, Israel is fighting a surging Covid attack, and they are determined to get that under control.

Yet, as they fight Covid the specter of Iran continues to loom over Israel as well. Prime Minister Bennett said: “Eyeing Iran, Israel’s military is undergoing its largest rearmament in years, as he reminds the Knesset that “Tehran remains the country’s most significant foe, as Israel continues to fight Iranian forces constantly.”

This buildup occurs as two significant news items point out that the military has significant numbers of Covid cases in its ranks and, sadly, the leading cause of death in the military was suicide. Eleven soldiers committed suicide according to General Yoram Knafo, chief of staff of the IDF Manpower Directorate.

Prime Minister Bennett emphasized, “We are investing in security rearmament and the entire military establishment. I would say this was rearmament we haven’t seen for years. This rearmament is important to our survival, and I am very glad about it and am determined to see it through quickly.” This action will allow Bennett to “continue to ensure the country’s security.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)