Bennett Calls for Immediate Action Against Iran

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently called on the international community to act immediately against Iran, this after the International Atomic Energy Agency reported Iran has drastically increased its production of highly enriched uranium and refuses full inspection of its activities. Bennett is quoted saying, “I call for an appropriate and rapid international reaction to the severe actions of Iran. The IAEA report warns that the time to act is now.”

The Iran Deal was a failure from the beginning, and we’re seeing that now. The JCPOA, as it was called, was never designed to change the real problem, and that’s Iran. Iran didn’t want to become a peace partner in the Middle East with other countries, the Sunni countries and Israel around them. Instead, the country had remained, even under the Iran Deal, an aggressor in the region, a sign that even if they lived up to the standards of the Iran Deal, they would’ve probably started uranium enrichment once the deal sunset. I know Israel is prepared for the worst, but the question that we have to start asking ourselves is this: Are we ready for that?

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