Bennett Says Israel in ‘A State of National Emergency’

New Right Party Chairman Naftali Bennett has called the current political situation in Israel, ‘A state of national emergency.’

In his view, the lack of a sitting government hinders Israel from preparing for Iranian aggression. He cites the example of the weekend attack coming from Gaza, presumably by Iranian proxy, Islamic Jihad.

He went on to say “the withdrawal of the United States from Syria, depriving the area of ‘a regional policeman, and the shutdown in Israel due to the political situation, sends a message of weakness on which the Iranians are capitalizing. I’d say we’re in an event of a national emergency.”

He concludes: “I am ready to help Prime Minister Netanyahu and Benny Gantz establish a national emergency government. We must not go to a third election. If we don’t establish a government in the two weeks remaining to Gantz, in my opinion it’s elections.”

Ultimately, the Israeli government and political leaders have to put political preferences and views aside and do what’s best for the nation to form a government and prevent a third election. Only time will tell if they will be able to do so.

(Source: World Israel News