Biden Promises to Reopen Consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Post is reporting US President Joe Biden has said he will not reverse Former President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. However, he promised in his election campaign that he would reopen the consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, which was merged into the US Embassy to Israel in 2018. When Trump implemented the 1995 Law, he moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Biden’s choice to open the Palestinian consulate in east Jerusalem sends a message. It sends a signal to the world that he and his administration believe that East Jerusalem is still a potential capital of a future Palestinian state. It’s quite interesting, because of the 1995 Law that was implemented, called the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which Trump fulfilled by moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it’s actually against the law to do that, because the embassy was supposed to house all of these things and it was supposed to claim Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel. That includes East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, it’s unified and it has been. So fortunately though, Israel is the one, by law, who has the final say on whether or not the consulate can be opened.

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