Biden Wants to Reenter Iran Nuclear Deal Pending Tehran’s Compliance

U.S. president-elect Joe Biden says he’ll reenter the Iran nuclear deal if Tehran returns to full compliance. Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Zarif, responded to Biden saying the deal “will never be renegotiated. Period.” Zarif said Iran won’t agree to any curbs on its missile program or a backing of regional proxies unless Western countries stop their, quote unquote, “Maligned behavior” in the Middle East.

Iran doesn’t like Western countries’ behavior in the Middle East? You almost have to laugh at that statement. You mean they don’t like that Israel made peace with the UAE, with Bahrain, with Sudan and other countries potentially on the brink of striking peace with the only Jewish state in the Middle East? That’s what they don’t like? Is that the malign behavior that Zarif is talking about? If president-elect Biden neglects the Middle East advancements that were made by the Trump administration to cut a deal with Iran now, it would only isolate the U.S. from a majority of the Middle East.

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