Bomb Shelters: Too Late or Just in Time?

Yesterday the Israeli government declared it will build 600 bomb shelters along Israel’s northern border separating it from Lebanon. Construction will begin immediately to build these protective rooms for residents in the border areas, reported. Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon have increasingly threatened greater attacks on Israel in recent days, so the immediacy of the move is a key factor. Israel’s government ministries have quarreled over the issue, delaying the process for several years. The resulting criticism has focused on the fact that these measures may be “too little, too late,” so it seems the government could not have waited any longer to make this move.

You may have noticed, but Israel and its neighboring countries, which always seem to be a step away from war, might be on the verge of a greater conflict than what we’ve seen so far this year. They have experienced some major moments recently both in government—the hostility from the Palestinian leaders who are upset with Israel’s normalization deals with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain—and in physical attacks—explosions in Lebanon and arson attacks in Israel. This is to say that it feels like a heavier attack on Israel from Hezbollah is very likely to come soon, and these bomb shelters truly needed to begin being built right away. These shelters could save hundreds of lives, and The Friends of Israel actively seeks these ends, too, as we have worked to provide such shelters in Israel for years. Let’s pray that these shelters will be ready in time for the seemingly imminent attacks Israel will face in the coming days.