Bon Voyage?

The Coronavirus, recently labeled as Covid-19 by the World Health Organization, has infected 70,548 people and left over 1,770 dead around the world. Israel has also been effected by the Coronavirus, as El-Al Airlines has canceled flights to China and Thailand causing Gonen Usishkin, the CEO, to remark, “Difficult days ahead, and it is possible we will be required to take dramatic steps and make painful decisions.”

On the cruise ship Diamond Princess three Israelis have contracted the virus, with a current total of 542 cases on board the ship, which is in quarantine in Yokohama.

Special travel permits allowed by Japanese authorities will allow the uninfected Israelis to be taken directly to a plane then flown directly to Israel. “The passengers will be tested to make sure they are not infected with the deadly virus, those who are cleared will be allowed off the ship, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday.” Those who are cleared to travel will leave to return home to Israel on Thursday.

Three known Israelis are currently hospitalized with known, mild symptoms of the virus.

The Bible reminds us that we don’t know what a day will bring forth (James 4:14-15) so we say, “ God willing,” or “the Lord willing” about our plans. How true for these travelers on the Diamond Princess! They left to cries of “Bon Voyage!”, and end in quarantine awaiting their return home. Please uphold in prayer the Israelis infected, the other infected passengers, and those able to return home, that all will return home safely.

(Source: The Times of Israel)