Breaking Tradition at the Wailing Wall

As with much of Israel the Old City and the Wailing Wall have been a source of tension for visiting dignitaries. Often, they have not gone to the Wall lest it showed ‘tacit acceptance,’ toward Israel’s ownership of the area. That ended today as Secretary of State Michael Pompeo visited the area, along with Prime Minister Netanyahu and United States Ambassador David Friedman. His arrival at the Wall begins his five-day tour of the region. Additionally, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary of State Pompeo will visit the tunnels under the Muslim quarter of the Old City wall and are expected to view a virtual reality recreation of the Temple as it once stood on the Temple Mount.

“The visit marks the first time that Washington’s top diplomat visits Jerusalem’s contested Old City accompanied by a senior Israeli official, in what could be seen as tacit recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Jewish holy site.”

The phrase ‘over the Jewish holy site’ resonates with assurance and authority that the Wall, regardless of how the United Nations views it, belongs to Israel. The visit of Ambassador Friedman and Secretary of State gives a clear endorsement of where we stand as a nation on the issue. The city and the wall belong to Israel, as it has for over 3,000 years.

The Times of Israel; by Michael Bachner