Bringing Water to the Desert

Israeli researchers have just developed a revolutionary innovation: a system capable of producing water from air. The novel creation will be a game-changer in providing communities in desert regions with drinkable water. Rather than using cooling condensation techniques like other water-from-air technologies, this system absorbs and separates moisture from air with a highly-concentrated saline solution, then condenses the vapor under sub-atmospheric conditions, according to The Jerusalem Post. The energy-efficient system also removes pollutants in its process.

Another day, another monumental Israeli advancement in technology. While the idea of creating water from air is not new, this system significantly streamlines the process. Currently, the energy used in water-from-air systems is wasted by cooling 97% of the air volume. This new system saves energy because it bypasses the cooling process entirely. It can provide the world with perhaps the most basic human need—water—with a model built to last the test of time and expenses. Kudos to the brilliant researchers at Haifa’s Technion—Israel Institute of Technology for their work toward solving one of the world’s most important needs!