October/November 1991

Judaism in Crisis


Judaism in Crisis

“American Jewry is in the midst of a spiritual holocaust, one it has unleashed upon itself,” says syndicated columnist Sheldon Engelmayer. Engelmayer’s sentiment is being echoed by the Jewish religious community on many fronts these days.

Messianic Ideas and the Messiah

What did the Jewish people of Jesus’ day believe about the Messiah? What Messianic preconceptions greeted Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God and the Messiah of Israel?

Operation Solomon

Many questions have been asked recently about the Jewish people in Ethiopia and their immigration to Israel. These Ethiopian Jews are sometimes referred to as the Falashas. Who are they? How did they become Jewish?

The American Jew: Stranger in Our Midst

The 19th century witnessed thousands of European Jews pouring through Ellis Island to their new home in America. They were greeted by words penned by a Jewess, Emma Lazarus, and mounted in bronze...

The Jews: Diversity With a Common Loyalty

The history of a people is like a river that flows between two banks. Even when it twists and winds through different lands, it is still the same river.

Why Jewish People Don’t Accept the Gospel

Most Christians are aware that Jewish people do not accept the gospel. Some have learned that the methods of evangelism they use with Gentiles do not work when they talk to their Jewish friends about...

More In This Issue

The Sea of Galilee Part One

At the southern end of the Huleh Valley and the northern tip of the Jordan Valley lies one of the most amazing geographical features in Israel. It is the Sea of Galilee.

Europe’s Siren Song

Western Europe’s Economic Community enthusiastically endorsed the Palestine Liberation Organization as the representative of the Palestinian people, condemned Israel for “violation of human rights,” and lectured about understanding “that peace doesn’t come from armed violence.”

An Evaluation of Christian Reconstructionism Concluded

The two previous articles in this five-article series focused on several problems related to the Reconstructionist views of history and eschatology, Matthew 24, the Book of the Revelation, the 70 weeks of Daniel 9...

Zvi Oct/Nov 1991

I recently noticed several posters in my neighborhood announcing that a famous rabbi would be speaking at our community center. I remembered this rabbi from many years ago when he was a popular television entertainer...

Daily News from Israel

Importance of Hebron

In a rare visit to Hebron, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that a Jewish presence will remain in the city of the Patriarchs...

News Digest — 9/13/19

Iran has in recent weeks dramatically upped its aggression against Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday (12th) in Sochi...

News Digest — 9/12/19

SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks online activity of jihadist groups, reported that a video released on Wednesday (11th) by the Al Qaeda terror group shows...

News Digest — 9/11/19

In a ceremony held on Tuesday evening (10th) at the KKL-JNF Living Memorial Plaza in Jerusalem Park, a “Tribute in Light,” two illuminated pillars 985 feet tall were lit up, shining from Emek Ha’arazim all the way to...

News Digest — 9/10/19

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled on Monday (9th) evidence of a previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear weapons site. “Today, we reveal that yet another secret nuclear site was exposed in...

News Digest — 9/9/19

Air strikes hit positions of pro-Iranian forces and allied militias in eastern Syria overnight, killing 18 fighters, a war monitor said Monday (9th). It was not clear who...

Shekel Strength

Thanks to the growing Israeli economy, low unemployment, and virtually no inflation, the Israeli Shekel has become one of the strongest currencies in the world. The Shekel could continue to strengthen...

Exposed by The Light

In a move considered ‘unprecedented,’ the Palestinian Authority was recently questioned on its anti-Israel incitement in Palestinian textbooks. Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch, said...

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