Death Traps

In June 10-15, 2007, Hamas defeated Fatah for the control of the Gaza Strip. Following its victory, Hamas, which means violence, has launched numerous terror attacks, including attacks from terror tunnels, rockets, and incendiary balloons into Israel, and kidnappings ending in murder. It has been a security challenge for Israel since then.

Israel Southern Command Head Eliezer Toledano commented on the recent fighting in Gaza. “This round of fighting was different because we had very good intelligence coupled with extremely effective attack methods from air and land and we attacked Hamas inside the tunnels. The mapping we did in recent years to the underground infrastructure in Gaza is what allowed us to effectively attack the metro. In the first days of the fighting we destroyed their forces that tried to infiltrate Israel; we killed them inside the tunnels. Afterward, we killed many senior Hamas leaders, and we will continue to go after them in their underground lairs until the end of the fighting. The idea we are trying to establish for the enemy is that tunnels are death traps.” He also praised the Israel Air Force for their “massive bombardment of the tunnels.” A terror tunnel costs $1 million to construct.

He cited two Hamas leaders who remain in the cross hairs of the IDF, Yihiwa Sinwar and Muhammed Deif, Hamas’s Gaza chief who has been responsible for hundreds of Israel deaths.

Toledano noted that the longer the campaign goes on the better it is for the army to achieve all of its goals. The primary goal being defeating Hamas and their network of terror. Continue to pray for the leaders, the soldiers, the people of Israel, for protection, safety, and peace (Psalm 122:6).

(Source: The Times of Israel)