Desire and Reality

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid convened a meeting of diplomats from the United States, Egypt, Morocco, and Bahrain on Sunday, March 27, at Sde Boker. Their aim “was to establish a permanent regional forum as they reaffirmed the importance of growing ties between Israel and the broader Middle East.”

However, hopes turned to dismay as news of a terror attack in Hadera left two border police dead and leaving several more Israelis wounded. The Islamic State claimed responsibility, and was hailed by terror groups as their response to the meeting. However, each of the diplomats condemned the attack, with Foreign Minister Lapid saying of the attack, “It was murder for the sake of murder. While terrorists wish to sow disunity and prevent peace, they will not succeed.”

The diplomatic meeting and the terror attack communicates the challenge of achieving peace. “Israel’s regional standing might be better than ever, and Arab nations might be eager to partner with the Jewish state in a range of fields, but the terror attacks over the past week are reminders that it cannot wish the Palestinian issue away.” This shows the reality between the desire for peace and the obstacles and enemies opposed to it.

(Source: The Times of Israel)