Do Good to Your Enemies

Palestinian Authority Chief Negotiator and confidante to Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat, has been hospitalized in Israel at the request of the Palestinian Authority. He went to Hadassah Ein Kerem on Sunday after contracting COVID-19 and was placed on oxygen due to his serious condition.

The hospital statement said that his condition deteriorated overnight and has been downgraded to critical. “Erekat poses a huge challenge in the treatment of the coronavirus due to his lung transplant and its suppression of the immune system, and with a bacterial infection in addition to the coronavirus.” His case has required Hadassah’s “most senior professional physicians who are in contact with international medical professionals regarding such a complex patient care policy.”

Erekat has served as the chief negotiator for the PLO since 1995.

Israel has long cared for their enemies. Here is one more example of Jewish love for life, even treating one who hates them. As the saying goes, “He who saves a life is as if he saves the world.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)