Egypt Agrees to Increase Security in Rafah

Ynetnews reports Israeli Defense Force Generals traveled to the Sinai for a rare public meeting with their Egyptian counterparts. During the committee meeting, an amendment was signed on an agreement increasing the presence of Egyptian security forces in the Rafah area, the border between Egypt and the Palestinians in Gaza. The Egyptian Intelligence Chief is also expected to visit Jerusalem soon to present a proposal for a prisoner swap deal with Hamas.

Rafah is the only border gate that sits between the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza. This has become a big problem for Egypt because there are a lot of radical Muslim groups that are training in the Sinai Peninsula. It’s even bigger news that Egypt and Israel are partnering together, and that Egypt is promising to increase security. This action will take some of the tension off of Israel for providing safety in the Sinai Peninsula region. It is great to see Egypt and Israel working together for the benefit of both of their countries.

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