Empty Streets and Crowded Hospitals

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, the landscapes of countless cities are changing. People have stormed stores to buy supplies in bulk in anticipation of bunkering down at home for the long-term. Otherwise the streets are emptying, as most people are staying home away from large gatherings either by choice or by law. Businesses suffer and many are living in a small-scale panic, but the virus continues to spread throughout many countries. 

Israel has endured the same fate. It had seen 250 confirmed cases of the virus as of Monday, almost twice the total from three days earlier (126). Though none have yet died from the virus in Israel, the number then rose to 323 yesterday, with five in serious condition and 11 fully recovered, leaving the rest to play the waiting game of seeing how much the virus may or may not affect them. The number jumped again to 427 this morning. Meanwhile 50,000 Israelis are under home quarantine.

The virus has hit Israel’s healthcare system hard. The head of the health ministry’s central laboratory near Tel Aviv tested positive for the virus, causing the whole staff to go into home quarantine, according to worldisraelnews.com. Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv faces a similar employee shortage, as the number of nurses unable to work sat at 823 on Monday after totalling 635 on Friday. This begs the question: Who’s left to heal the healers?

The most important fact in the case of coronavirus is the same as in any other situation in life: God is in control. He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind—all crucial tools in our current battle (2 Tim. 1:7). While the virus is dangerous, panic is not the proper response. Through the peace and sound mind the Lord provides, this situation can be dealt with and endured effectively.