Six Palestinian prisoners escaped from Gilboa Prison in northern Israel on Monday and have so far evaded capture. “The six escapees include Zakaria Zubeidi, a notorious commander in Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terror group, who was in prison while on trial for two dozen crimes, including attempted murder. Another four escapees were in prison for life in connection with deadly attacks against Israelis. The sixth was being held in administrative detention and had not been charged with a crime.”

The military and police have been dispatched to find the fugitives, and 89 check points have been erected nationwide. There are three possibilities where they have gone, according to authorities. They have either crossed over into Palestinian territory, into Gaza, or have remained in Israel. The fugitives are “considered highly dangerous.”

Authorities stated they want to capture all six men, but urge patience from the public, “a lot of patience is required,” one police source said.

As a precaution military and police officials have beefed up security nationwide, fearing that the escapees could carry out attacks against Israeli soldiers or civilians, or inspire copycat attacks, with some Palestinians celebrating the jailbreak.”

The pressure is on for the authorities to find these escapees quickly, especially at this holiday of Rosh Hashana. Pray for God’s protection and aid to find these men quickly, and without any incidents of terror, murder, or mayhem.

(Source: Times of Israel)