EU Statesman Says Annexation of West Bank is “Stealing”

Luxembourg Finance Minister, Jean Asselborn warns Israel that annexing parts of the West Bank would make it very difficult for the European Union to sign future agreements with Israel. The elder EU statesman has been a longtime supporter of a Palestinian state. And he was quoted as saying, “In the Middle East, which is strongly shaped by religion, one could also say that an annexation violates the seventh of the 10 commandments, ‘Thou shall not steal.’ An annexation of parts of the West Bank would be just that, stealing,” he said.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, for the most part, want to annex parts of the West Bank, and this is very controversial, especially in the European Union. This longtime EU politician is right, the Middle East is shaped by religion. But he should go do some research on the history of the West Bank. The West Bank in Israel is actually called Judea and Samaria. This is actually some of the most important parts of land when it comes to the Scriptures. It was the land that was given to the Jewish people by God, way back in Genesis chapter 12. There’s historical and archaeological evidence that Jewish people have been there for thousands of years. So with the Bible and science on their side, let me ask my European friend this, who’s the one stealing here, the Palestinians or the Israelis? You can’t steal something that belongs to you.

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