Ever Vigilant

On Sunday night four armed Syrian men attempted to plant Incendiary Explosive Devices (IEDs) in an unmanned IDF base near the Syrian-Israel border. A special forces unit along with aircraft confronted the men, eliminating all four of them. Later, the IDF discovered items left behind by the men, including “a gun and a backpack with several more bombs, ready for use.” It is not clear if the attackers were part of Hezbollah; however, “the IDF is looking into the matter.”

Within hours of the thwarted attempt, the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian base Imam Ali, leaving both death and destruction in its wake. “The attack left several casualties, and destroyed positions, bases, and weapons warehouses,” according to the SOHR report. The fifteen dead were Iranian militiamen of Iraqi nationality.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus, International Spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces, tweeted, “In response to last night’s attempted attack from Syria, IDF aircraft have attacked various military targets belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces. Attacks on Israel will not be tolerated.”

Israel maintains constant vigilance to ensure the safety of all its citizens. Let all of Israel’s enemies beware.

(Source: The Times of Israel Staff)