Exhibit A!

Foreign Minister Yair Lipid instigated a firestorm over his speech on anti-Semitism as he said “anti-Semitism is not as special as many Jews believe, but rather is but one bigotry among many in the rich and variegated mosaic of human hatred.”

• When asked about his statement historian Ruth Wisse observed, “You say ‘the Jews’ and people who don’t know anything about the Jews and never heard about them, once you’ve got all that demonic attribution, it’s already there. If you’re a politician or leader, you reach for an implement that’s handy. In a sense, the Jews were handy.” Gur makes this application, “Antisemitism, in other words, is nothing more than the organization of politics against the Jew.”

In Tokyo at the Summer Olympics the latest competitor, Sudan’s Judoka Mohamed Abdelrassool, backed out of his match in the 160-161 pound (73KG) division against Israeli Tohar Butbul, and Butbul was listed as having no competitor “days after his scheduled opponent was suspended for doing the same.” Abdelrassool did not show up for his match, though he had weighed in for it earlier.

Here is Exhibit A of organizing politics against the Jews, in this case in the 2021 Summer Olympics.

(Source: Haviv Rettig Gur, The Times of Israel)