Exhibit A!

I call Psalm 120 the Psalm of Modern Israel. It begins with a request, “Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips and from a deceitful tongue.” He calls for action against these lies with ‘sharp arrows of the warrior, with coals of the broom tree.’ He concludes with this statement, ‘I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war’ (Psalm 120:7).

One reason for the continued culture and occurrence of violence in Israel comes from within the Arab mindset opposing any kind of peace with Israel. The latest evidence of that comes from Sarah Idan, Miss Iraq in 2017, and her outspoken, clear support of Israel at the UN. Concerning this action, she said the government of Iraq wants to take away her citizenship. In her July 9 tweet she wrote, ‘Two (2) weeks ago Iraq denied my statements at the UN that I don’t have freedom to speak about Israel now they’re taking my citizenship. That is inhumane. I’m speechless.’ Later she summarized the issue with this comment, “Erasing my identity for supporting Israel and being against anti-Semitism, that’s just wrong.”

The reason for a failure for peace between Israel and the Palestinians comes down to a religious issue, a spiritual issue. In the Hamas Charter they state in Article 21, Hamas confirms that no peace in Palestine should be agreed on, based on injustice to the Palestinians or their land. Any arrangements based on that will not lead to peace, and the resistance and Jihad will remain as a legal right, a project and an honor for all our nations’ people.

The issue for Sarah Idan’s citizenship shows clearly that her support for Israel has caused Iraqi government officials to call for revoking her citizenship. It exposes also the reason there is no peace. Islam doesn’t want peace with Judaism, or with the ‘Zionist Entity.’ Yet, Sarah Idan remains clear and courageous as she declares, “There is nothing they can do to stop me from supporting Israel and talking against anti-Semitism.”

What a refreshing development from a region that needs a voice of truth and reason.

(Source: Jewish Journal, By: Aaron Bandler)