Fighting COVID and Terror

Two types of threats have challenged the government and people of Israel over the past few days: COVID and terrorism. The government has warned of the possibility of a lockdown to counter the rising number of cases from COVID. Prime Minister Netanyahu warned, “Israel is a step away from a full lockdown.” Some measures being considered are “limiting restaurants to 20 customers in indoor areas and 30 in outdoor seating areas, synagogues, reducing the number of passengers on public transportation, hiking fines for not wearing face masks, and shutting down event halls, cultural venues, swimming pools, gyms, bars, nightclubs.” Currently, Israel has seen a spike of about 800 new cases of Coronavirus daily. Israel has had:

Coronavirus Cases: 30,162

Coronavirus Recovered: 17,974

Serious Cases: 90

Deaths: 332

In response to both Iran and Palestinian terror threats, Israel attacked targets in the Gaza Strip Sunday evening as they responded to terrorist attacks which launched three rockets into southern Israel Sunday night. In Natanz, Iranian authorities admit that the fire in its nuclear facility had ‘incurred considerable damage from a mysterious fire last week that ravaged a building at the site.’ Also, allegedly the Israel Air Force attacked the Parchin Iranian military complex with F-35 stealth fighters. “Israeli government officials have not commented on the matter yet.”

With threats abounding both the government and citizens of Israel have significant needs now. Now please keep Israel and its leaders in prayer as they face these significant issues.

Source: The Times of Israel