Fly Me to the Moon!

Two influential Israeli organizations have joined forces in a project to launch a nano-satellite to the moon. The Technion and Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) have agreed to produce a nano-satellite, “which is the size of a shoe box, but can do anything a satellite can.“

“We are working to promote close research co-operation and to turn the Technion into a hub for many diverse industries, a platform where industry and academia meet.”

Beginning in October this academic year of 2021-2022, “the project which is to be carried out by Technion students with the help of IAI space engineers and facilities, will progress until it finishes in a few years time.”

The project will be headed by Professor Gil Yudilevitch for the Technion and by Technion alumnus and current IAI space engineer Niko Adamsky for IAI.

Some benefits of this partnership are:

This allows students to prepare for and integrate into Israel’s developing space industry. Technion President Professor Uri Sivan says, “The interface between academia and industry is changing fast and the Technion is investing great efforts in being established in Israel and internationally.”

The Technion has been involved with IAI since 1998, and as recently as 2020. This venture allows for involvement in New Space, using nano-satellites for “maintaining high speed internet and communications in the future.”

(Source: Aaron Reich; The Jerusalem Post)